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Re: How to do a case insensitive substring search on a case-sensitive field ?

Guillermo-Nicolas Guénon Díaz wrote:

[First of all, sorry if this question has already been answered before: the
search on this mailing list does not work currently so I haven't been able to

google site:www.openldap.org substring search

I need to write a filter so that when the user of my software introduces any
substring of the content of a field in any case (upper, lower or mixed case),
it finds the entry. It must work even if the user does not input a complete
word, but just a part of a word.

The field is called "supName" and it follows the DirectoryString syntax. This
means that the default matching rule is exact and case sensitive
("caseExactMatch"). But according to:
, this syntax should allow also "caseIgnoreMatch" and
"caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch" matching rules. I though I just needed to force to
use the last one ("caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch"), so I tried this filter:


But this does not work. I make my tests using Apache Directory Studio, and
that tool refuses to accept the above filter. It complains on the asterisks,
and I don't understand why, since I am using a Substring match (and thus
asterisks should be allowed). If I run the filter from command line (using
ldapsearch), I get this error message:

ldap_search_ext: Bad search filter (-7)

Therefore this is not an issue with Apache Directory Studio.

So my question is: What is the correct way of defining a case-insensitive
substring filter on a field that is case-sensitive by default?

Looks to me like you can't. In the grammar for search filters in RFC4511 a filter term may be a substringFilter or an extensibleMatch but not both at once. In particular, the MatchingRuleAssertion allows a single AssertionValue, and a SubstringFilter is a SEQUENCE of AssertionValues.

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