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Help for encrypted password with Blowfish


I have a text file containing users and their password encrypted blowfish. 

This password is in the form 
         $ 2a $ 08 $ hNbsbhDlbaogpYL/2yeCkuxKPPGKcluKb5rk16R0Nwi/34eGVi8r2 

I need to create a script for insert the users in a directory via ldap ldif file. For the password, I use the userPassword instruction. If I put the password as contained in the file, it does not work. 

My issue are: 
     - Is it possible to type in a password (encrypted in blowfish) as such ldap directory? 
     - What syntax i need to use to tag the userPassword ({crypt} password ...)? 
     - Should i perform a specific configuration for the slapd.conf file for the pam authentication engine (pam-ldap is it sufficient)? 

I worked on the crypt library, pam_ldap, slapcat ... without success 

Any ideas would be welcome, 

Best regards


ps: before passwords were MD5 and I never encountered any problems.