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Re: translucent overlay add an attribute to all users in a OU and subtree

Le 06/08/2014 03:12, Howard Chu a écrit :
Nicolas RENAULT wrote:
how can I add attributes to the translucent instance to all users in an
OU (and sub) ?

See slapo-collect.

is there another way to do what I want to do ?

thanks all for responses

thanks I think that this is what I want,

but I cannot find any exemple of the use for this overlay on google or other site, And the man slapo-collect, is not clear for me.

info : openldap 2.4.39 , as exemple, I want to add attribute 'networkAddress' and 'homeDrive' for all the inetOrgPerson from my Edir : ou=EDIR,OU=TOUT,dc=exemple,dc=fr

so questions :

* in slapd.conf (I use it because of meta ) :  I have to add these lines ?

moduleload    collect


overlay collect
collectinfo cn=ancestor,ou=EDIR,OU=TOUT,dc=exemple,dc=fr networkAdress,homeDrive

(I choose ancestor for cn cause they talk about ancestor in the man command)

* don't understand how to create the ancestor ? just as an inetOrgPerson with the 2 attributes ?

* as 'homeDrive' or 'networkAddress' are not on inetOrgPerson schema (MAY or MUST) it will be a problem no ?

Thanks for reply or link to exemple.