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Re: Will lmdb suit my needs ?

* Sankar P.:

> SELECT DISTINCT column2 FROM autocomplete WHERE column1 LIKE
> '<prefix>%' ORDER BY column3 DESC LIMIT 5
> where column1 and column2 are strings and column3 is int.
> So, what my query essentially does is get a prefix string from user
> and get the top (sorted by column3) 5 records where column1 start with
> the input prefix and return the column2 of those records.
> In my sqlite, the first time query for each key (a or b or c ...) is
> taking about 350 seconds (with an index on all columns) and about 500
> seconds (with an index on only column1).

Do you use PRAGMA case_sensitive_like?  How many candidate does the
"column1 LIKE '<prefix>%'" expression select?