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Re: Can't override TLS_REQCERT

On Wed, 30 Apr 2014, Andrew D. Arenson wrote:
>          To my chagrin, I have rechecked and found that using 
> LDAPTLS_REQCERT actually works, despite my reporting above that it 
> doesn't.

Heh.  PEBCAK strikes again.

> 	 Strangely, however, setting TLS_REQCERT in ~/.ldaprc does _NOT_ 
> seem to work. Does that work for you?

Yes, it does.

>   	 Thanks. I have 2.4.23-34 installed. What other detail might be 
> helpful?

ls -l ~/.ldaprc				# to verify perms
cat -vet ~/.ldaprc			# to verify contents, line-endings
strace -e trace=file ldapsearch ....	# check for other random failures

(Obviously if your OS doesn't have strace, substitute the correct local 
system call trace facility, be it truss, ktrace, or whatever.)

Philip Guenther