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RE: Getting the list of members in an AD group

Domain Users is not necessarily a primary group.  Any group can be the primary group for a user.  Primary group membership is stored as an attribute of the user and is not reflected in the member collection for a group or the memberOf collection for the user. Primary groups are a Windows NT "feature" that was carried forward in to AD in order to support hybrid NT/AD domains. You must take this into account when querying AD group memberships.

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Sankar P wrote:
> The group whose SID that I am trying to take is the default "Domain 
> Users" group. The ldapsearch query too fails for that but for any 
> other custom groups, the membership information is printed. So is 
> there a different style that we should follow for getting the "Domain 
> Users" group members ?

"Domain Users" is a primary group, membership is stored in the user object.


Harry Jede