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syncrepl question

Hey, I hope that this is a good forum for this question, if not please feel free to tell me where to go ;)


I have recently inherited an existing openldap infrastructure.  The LDAP tree also stores Kerberos tickets and principals.


the environment is configured with a ‘master’ ldap server and a bunch of ‘consumer’ nodes all pointing to it for syncrepl.


The syncrepl looks like that


olcSyncrepl: {0}rid=312 provider="ldaps://<ldap master>:636/" type=refreshAndPersist

interval="00:00:01:00" retry="60 30 300 +" searchbase="<base dn>" bi ndmethod=sasl

saslmech=gssapi keepalive=3540:10:3


This master server needs to be decommissioned.


So I have chosen one of the consumers in the environment to be the new master.  And pointed all of the other consumers to use its IP in the provider field.


Syncreplication appears to be working as expected.  However the new master still has the original in its provider field.


Is the process of promoting this new node to ‘master’ as simple as stopping slapd, removing the olcSyncRepl line from the hdb.ldif file and restarting slapd?


Or is this more to it, I am assuming more to it, but I can’t seem to verify that suspicion.







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