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Re: dhcp.schema attribute dhcpStatements value in filter

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Michael StrÃder <michael@stroeder.com> wrote:

> >> Because there's no SUBSTR matching rule defined for 'dhcpHWAddress'
> > 
> > so, there is no way to ldapsearch by that attribute exept `*' ?
> You should really make yourself familiar with the various search filters and
> the matching rule definitions in the attribute type descriptions.

yes, I agree, and because of this I've written to this ml ...

after some "research" it looks like without schema editing, I can search
for definite MAC address (or part of it) by dhcpHWAddress attribute only
outside LDAP, with external means ... to do ldapsearch with filter
(dhcpHWAddress=*) and to grep for MAC or part of it

if I'm wrong, help me understand where, please

> > dedicated dhcp servers deploied? am I correct?
> I did not say that. What I said: It does not make sense in the context of DHCP
> server with LDAP backend to use substring matching on a MAC address.

oh, I see now, sorry for misunderstanding ...

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