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Re: Converting from slapd.d back to slapd.conf

Nick Milas wrote:
> On 28/3/2014 1:25 ÎÎ, Christian Kratzer wrote:
>> I consider cn=config superior once you get your head wrapped around it. 
> On 28/3/2014 12:53 ÎÎ, Simone Piccardi wrote:
>> - I can put comments on it
> Christian,
> Please allow me to intervene in the thread to say that your comments are
> very valid, but still, Simone's need for comments is beyond doubt.
> Here is a long discussion done in 2012 about this (this link points to my
> own message, but it is a long thread with valuable info):
> http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-technical/201203/msg00214.html
> I take the opportunity to repeat here that, IMHO it is vital to have (at
> least) correct ordering of ACLs and the ability to add comments anywhere
> in the config. Also see other usability issues mentioned in the above
> thread and elsewhere.
> I hope that now, when 2.5 branch has started, such issues may be addressed!
> All the best,
> Nick

Please, can I ask how can openldap beginner best configure server?

My point of view (and I hope I'm not the only one):
- I have some idea how LDAP server works
- I'm able (more or less ;) use openldap command line utilities
- all what I want is configure and maintain usually simple address
book or Linux authentication server
- over them I need define several simple rules for read/RW access
- and perhaps I'll never have enough time to be openldap guru or
able learn all features which are available

For me slapd.conf with its comments introduces relative good template,
in which I so-so place my five and a half directives and I expect that
it will work.
'slapd.d/' is a complete nightmare for me - but for probably all my
known from Linux/Unix area too.

Thus, if I may ask: which configuration way is optimal? Is there any
'dingus'/'widget' for beginners? Or are somewhere prepared simple and
working config. files as examples? Is possible use some graphics ldap
managers (I heard about edsadmin, gq, lat, luma, phpladadmin)?
Openldap documentation, as I saw it about a year ago, still stated
old way of the configuration method.

Thanks in advance, Franta Hanzlik