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Re: configure: error: BDB/HDB: BerkeleyDB not available

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
--On Wednesday, September 11, 2013 12:41 PM -0500 MÃnico BriseÃo
<monico.briseno@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi, all. I decided to install openldap release 2.4.36 from tarball file
with BerkeleyDB support.

According openldap documentation I downloaded and installed Berkeley DB
release 6.0

I configured the configure script as follows:

./configure --enable-sql

Sadly, I have the following error:

configure: error: BDB/HDB: BerkeleyDB not available

Any idea?

How I did wrong?

I don't know that there is any support for BDB 6, or that it will be
introduced.  BDB support is being replaced with MDB support.  If you want
to build against BDB, then use an older 5.x or 4.x release series.

There are no relevant API changes in BDB 6 to prevent using it with OpenLDAP. It builds fine and all tests pass. However, due to the changed license in BDB 6, I don't believe many sites will actually be able to deploy it and remain in compliance with the BDB 6 license.

Also none of the new features added in BDB over the past several years have had any relevance to OpenLDAP, they've tended to be focused on BDB replication and distributed transactions, which OpenLDAP has never (and will never) use. If you insist on using BDB, there's no reason to prefer BDB 6 over BDB 5. But in either case, LMDB is far superior so there's no point in using BDB (and risking a run-in with Oracle's license compliance lawyers) at all.

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