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olcSizeLimit become ignored somehow


We have 1 master + 2 slaves setup (2.4.28, Ubuntu). We had an issue with
only 500 search entries returned due to the default limit. I've added
olcSizeLimit 100000 parameter to cn=config on all 3 servers and checked
that all 3 servers return 500+ entries Ok.

In a week or so the problem returned. I've checked - the setting existed
on all 3 servers, but only one of them returned 500+, the rest 2
returned only 500 with 4 size limit exceeded.

Solution was to change olcSizeLimit to some different value and then

So, the question is how could slapd "forget" about the olcSizeLimit
until it's changed? Known bug?

Also, docs state that olcSizeLimit=0 is no limit, in fact it's literal
0. I've seen posts about that in the past, but it seems to still exist.