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"Fan-Out" replication

Oracle talks about doing a "fan-out" replication that fits what we are
looking at doing.  What we want to do is once a day or once a week is to
replicate our production LDAP from our master to a master LDAP server at
our DR site.  That server would then push changes to the consumer LDAP
servers at our DR site.  We are trying to keep the sites basically mirrored
but I do not want changes made at the DR site to replicate back to the
production master.

Master LDAP
/    \
/        \
/            \
/                \
DR Master LDAP        \
/                           \
/                               \
/                                   \
/                    Production Consumers
DR Consumers

I hope that helps to visualize what we are trying to do.

Thank you,
Eric Speake
Web Systems Administrator
O'Reilly Auto Parts

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