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Slapd hang


nearly every 2 weeks the slapd stops answering on search requests. The process is still running(socket is open as well) but every questions runs into a timeout. When that happen, I need to kill the process with "-9" manually. After that I can start the process again.

We have configured a Master(Read-Write)-Slave(Read-Only) cluster, actually it happend on the Slave but it also had happend on the Master, but not that often. When the process on the Master crashes, the DB is broken and I need to restore a backup via slapcat ...

Objects stored in the BDB: 40.000
Search-Requests on Slave: 3.000.000 per day
Search-Requests on Master: 100.000 per day
Virtualized on VMWare 5.0

Debian 6

Happend on Debian 6 as well as on Debian7(now)
root@ldap085:/var/openldapdb07# slapd -V
@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd  (Apr 23 2013 12:16:04) $

root@ldap085:/var/openldapdb07# uname -r


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