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Rewriting query and results


I have PBX that queries the ldap server, but I'm not very happy
with how it behaves, and of course have no control over what it

It sends a query for "sn=foo*".  But I want it to run a query
that checks against fields like cn, givenName and sn.  I also
want to query to be "*foo*" instead of "foo*".

It only requests the fields sn, givenName and the various phone
numbers and then shows sn and givenName.  I want it to display
cn instead.  So I guess I want to return the value of cn in sn
and don't return a givenName.

I've been looking at slapo-rwm manpage, but it's not really
making much sense to me.  Can someone guide me on how to
do it?