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This is not a lot of information to react upon. Please provide at least:

* which platform (very important especially for TLS problems)
* which OpenLDAP-Version (including which package, or self compiled)
* error message in logfile
* what is the difference between the servers that worked and the server that didn't

Your slapd TLS configuration might also help.



Am 14.01.2013 18:03, schrieb Andy Carlson:

I am running an OpenLDAP server and I am attempting to get it set up with SSL.  The service config appears to already be configured with port 636.  I have added the Cert, CACert, and Key into the cn=config context using the three corresponding attributes.  When I attempt to restart the slapd service it will not start up.  I have done this on three other servers whose configuration is exactly the same and it worked perfectly.  Any thoughts?  Thanks much!!!,


Andy Carlson

Moody Bible Institute

Identity Administrator | Information Systems




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