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Re: Multi-Master OpenLDAP Replication for 3 nodes -- slapadd command failing

fal patel wrote:
Hi Philip,

hank you very much for your email.

In that case, my original surmise is correct:  The OpenLDAP Administrator's
Guide's Section 18.3.3 "N-Way Multi-Master" definitely is buggy.
Because my LDIF file is a direct copy thereof (except for my environment
values substituted in instead of the labels such as $URI1, of course.)

The example in 18.3.3 works perfectly when you substitute the correct values in for the variables and follow the steps listed.

How can this be reported as a bug, please?  (In OpenLDAP documentation or/and
And can a *working* sample LDIF file be provided, please, for this important
replication design, n-way multi-master?

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