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Re: olcToolthreads and slapadd -n0

i have migrated server side config for my db and I have found some
strange behavior of slapadd:

Sounds like you're running an old release, but impossible to tell since you didn't post your version number. This was fixed in 2.4.32.

I've got started migration from converting slapd.conf containing my db
config and a 'tool-threads' parameter (with value above 1) into common
ldif file, in which an 'olcToolThreads' was defined appropriately (i.e
above 1). It was the simplest and clear step.

The next step was to 'slapadd -n 0' this ldif file into an empty
server config (having slapd stopped), but  just at adding 'cn=config'
object (which contains olcToolThreads with value > 1) 'slapadd' stuck
indefinitely at shed_yelds() call (I have observed this via strace
tool from ubuntu).

So as a result slapadd had been in processing its operation
indefinitely without any output but was capable to stop working by
Ctrl-C handler.

Setting olcToolThreads to 0 or 1 has solved this problem.

I dont know is this a bug or my misconfiguration?

  -- Howard Chu
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