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nssov works fine, unable to set nssov-pam-session

Before enabling nssov I have got nslcd working, so the transition from
one to another was clear (ubuntu 12.04.1, openldap

according to slapo-nssov man page I have added to my slapd.conf:

moduleload nssov
overlay nssov
nssov-pam userhost
nssov-pam-session login
nssov-pam-session sshd

but olcOverlay=nssov,olcDatabase=hdb,cn=config has no olcNssPamSession
and its related values after creation of db.

When I add olcNssPamSession into cn=config with above values by hand -
loginstatus is working well, but when nssov-pam-session into
slapd.conf - none.

Does it mean that I am missed something to correctly set
nssov-pam-session in slapd.conf?