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Re: DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE not working

On Wed, 19 Dec 2012, BheeshmaManjunath wrote:
> How do I check that whether its check point is turned on or not.?? And 
> how do I turn it off..?

man slapd-bdb

       checkpoint <kbyte> <min>
              Specify the frequency for checkpointing the database transaction
              log.  A checkpoint operation flushes  the  database  buffers  to
              disk  and writes a checkpoint record in the log.  The checkpoint
              will occur if either <kbyte> data has been written or <min> min-
              utes  have  passed  since  the  last checkpoint.  Both arguments
              default to zero, in which case they are ignored. When the  <min>
              argument is non-zero, an internal task will run every <min> min-
              utes to perform the checkpoint.  See the Berkeley  DB  reference
              guide for more details.