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acl issue


We are having below two acl to allow acces for read and write to two different users.

First one is working fine, 2nd one is not allowing to write access to Vpwrite user.
Can some body help me to rectify it.

Scanerio is we want to delegate read access to all the attributes to one user and other user to write access to all the attributes.

This is for login.

access to attrs=userPassword

                  by self     write

                  by dn="cn=Vpwrite,ou=businessUsersGroup,dc=example,dc=com" write

                  by dn="cn=Vpread,ou=businessUsersGroup,dc=example,dc=com"  read     

                  by anonymous auth

                  by * break



Read/Write access

access to *

                  by dn="cn=Vwrite,ou=businessUsersGroup,dc=example,dc=com" write

                  by dn="cn=Vread,ou=businessUsersGroup,dc=example,dc=com"  read     

                  by * none         

Please let me know , if you need more details.


Anil Beniwal