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DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE not working without restarting the server.


I am using the latest Openldap.

Software- Openldap 2.4.33

Server - RHEL 5.8 64 bit

When i do an Ldapsearch, Ldapadd, Ldapdelete , the log.00000000x files are getting generated in the directory folder.

To auto remove them i did add the " set_flags DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE " to the DB_CONFIG file which is present in the directory folder itself.

And I am using crontab to add the new data on the daily bases, but the log.00000000x files which are generated are not being auto removed..?

Can anyone help me regarding this issue..?

Is there a need to restart the server before adding the new data on the daily bases..? If so why is it so..?