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Re: best practices for backing up ldap configuration

Khosrow Ebrahimpour wrote:
> but I'm still a fan of having a 
> central repository of configuration not to mention a nice timeline of all the 
> changes made on the configuration.

That's what SVN/puppet is for in my current project which generates static
configuration files for all the nodes based on templates. We can specify as
many MMR replica instances as needed and use the same Puppet manifests for MMR
setups in different stages.

And that works *much* better than tracking changes to back-config because it
is easier to automate configuration without an "internal" state change in a DB.

>> Personally I still prefer to use static configuration and fully automated
>> installation/configuration (with puppet manifests pulled from SVN). That's
>> really easy with text files compared to dealing with dynamic configuration.
> I've seen this issue debated on this list many times, and although there are 
> some who like the ease of use of a slapd.conf, it is deprecated and who knows 
> if support for it will be dropped at some point or not.

IIRC the static configuration will be dropped not before 2.5.x is out.

Ciao, Michael.

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