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Re: Help needed for Openldap > Active directory slave/proxy setup.

On 14/12/12 15:54, Clément OUDOT wrote:
2012/12/14 Marco van Putten <marco.vanputten@tudelft.nl>:
Hi all,

We want to setup a Openldap server which is a slave to our Active directory.
The ldap server only has to do replication of the necessary records to act
as a address book for non Exchange users.

Further more the authentication has to be done against the users in the
Active directory.

I found some guides/examples to set up the authentication part. But none of
them seems to do want we want because it requires to have the user in your
Openldap server with a special "userPassword {SASL}user@domain.com" entry.
But we want the openldap database to only contain contact information and
not username/password information.

Does anybody know how to set up such a thing and can give me some
hints/guides/recipes on how to do this?

You should take a look to LSC project:


Thanks for your quick response. I'll look into it.