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Re: best practices for backing up ldap configuration

On 14/12/12 00:24, Venkat wrote:

Another is that slapd.conf is deprecated and
may not be supported in future OpenLDAP releases.

I would very much be against this.

An acceptable solution would be to include a *reliable* utility for conversion from (and possibly back to) a single slapd.conf file.


Modular config suits some things - it works very well with Apache.
Some people lik eit with exim, others including me hate it as it makes it really *hard* to scan over the whole config.

And in both cases, the way the config is modularised is under user control as it's all based on Include-ing other sections manually so one can structure it to suit the site.

Modular config can be a PITA with config management systems too.

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