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Re: slawpo-rwm attributes concatenation

hi Pierangelo

Thanks for the answer. Yes that's what I did, I have access to the code of the first client (the one that can handle multi-valued attributes) so I put the phone numbers in a custom attribute "myphone"

cn: John Doe
myphone :202020

As for the second client (which is Thunderbird), he pulls a single value of the standard attribute "telephoneNumber" which contains the concatenated phone numbers

cn: John Doe

It may be a poor solution, but at least all my phone numbers are displayed in Thunderbird

I was just curious to see if there was a solution to avoid maintaining the same informations (the phone numbers) twice in the directory, for example by building a "virtual" telephoneNumber attribute on the fly at each request. According to Michael Ströder, this could be done using slapo-sock. I never used it, I'll have a look into it as soon as I can...


The "right" way to do that is to do it at provisioning level, i.e. the
application that populates telephoneNumber should also populate a
different, custom attribute that contains 101010/202020/303030.  Then the
problem is: would a dumb client be configurable in such a manner that it
can be instructed to show the custom attribute instead of telephoneNumber?

Le 10/12/2012 21:24, Pierangelo Masarati a écrit :

What would be the best way to concatenate several attributes into one
(maybe with slapo-rwm and back-relay ?). I know LDAP is a data
container, and not a fancy string generator, but I see no other way
around this.

An example : my directory contain an inetOrgPerson (say John Doe) with 3
telephoneNumber attributes, say 101010, 202020 and 303030.

I access this directory with 2 clients :
the first client displays the data in the right fashion:
cn: John Doe

But the second client displays only one telephoneNumber attribute, so it
cn: John Doe

Given the fact that I have no way to modify the client's source code,
how could I do to display all 3 phone numbers ? An idea would be to use
rwm with back-relay and do some server side string generation, in order
for the second client to retrieve :
cn: John Doe

is there a way to do this ?