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Re: Optimization help

--On Friday, November 30, 2012 1:09 PM +0530 Pawan Kamboj <pawank.kamboj@gmail.com> wrote:


What can I do to maximize the performance of my openldap setup which
running in master-slave mode using syncrepl?Â
System has 8GM RAM and 4GB swap space
Openldap-2.3.32 and DB.4.5

First off, upgrade to a supported release.

Total dn count is 2450000.
LDIF size is 670MB using ldapsearch
dbd size is :
4.4GÂÂÂ total

So you should have a 2,450,000 cachesize setting.
Your DB_CONFIG cachesize setting should be something like 4 0 1.

Or, migrate to using MDB in the latest openldap so you don't have to tune all BDB, and you get significantly improved perf.



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