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Re: OpenLDAP as an address book for MS Outlook

Victor Sudakov wrote:
Victor Sudakov wrote:

I have been trying to investigate what is needed in OpenLDAP to have
Microsoft Outlook 2007 display a list of names in the addressbook when
first accessed in the same way that it does with ActiveDirectory/Exchange.

Here is a dump of an LDAP session between Microsoft Outlook and a
CommunigatePro server: http://zalil.ru/34017194 where a list of names
is being displayed.

Could someone with sufficient LDAP knowledge look at it and advise how to
configure OpenLDAP to achieve the same result?

Your trace shows two supportedControls and two supportedCapabilities. The controls are for server-side sorting and paged results. OpenLDAP supports paged results intrinsically, and server-side sorting when the sssvlv overlay is configured. If those aren't sufficient to make Outlook behave, then things get trickier.

supportedCapabilities is not a standard attribute, it appears to be specific to M$AD. The two supportedCapabilities in your trace are:
1.2.840.113556.1.4.800	LDAP_CAP_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY_OID

If your sssvlv is configured correctly, and Outlook sees both Server Side Sorting and Paged Results in the supportedControls that OpenLDAP returns, but it still doesn't do what you want, then apparently Outlook requires the server to claim to be Active Directory.

You could fake this, by copying the schema definition of the supportedCapabilities attribute and loading it into slapd. You would also need to populate the values. You can use the "rootdse" directive to do that. I would guess you only need the first capability, but I don't use Outlook so have no way to verify this.

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