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Difference between 2.4.30 and 2.3.43 in certificateMatch.


I stumbled upon an difference between openldap 2.4.30 and 2.3.43.

This is my configuration.
X509 certificates are stored in the directory and a search is done with:
(&(mail=aaa@a.b)(userCertificate:certificateMatch:=<binary certificate)) if that is a match the uid must be returned.

That is working on 2.3.43 but when I try that on 2.4.30 it does not work and I start debugging I see
filter="(&(mail=aaa@a.b)(?=undefined))" in the logfiles.

The request is the same on both openldap servers, I copied the schema's and the acl's are the same.
A slapcat on 2.3.43 is done and imported on 2.4.30

An ldapsearch on both servers for that user is returning the same data.

Do I need some more configuration for the 2.4.30 version or am I doing something wrong.

The 2.3.43 version is working properly, but I want to update to 2.4.xx for better replication.

Kind regards.
Mike Hulsman

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