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ldif, a person with city and country


Sorry, new member and just started using ldap (openldap). I am not sure whether I can ask this question here as the name of the list specifies "technical", if not please tell me list(s) where I can do so.

For starters I have read the O'reilly book, I tried to figure out my questions using the help in the FAQ's, I searched to net ... but I am a little out of my depth in the moment.

I am trying to get LDAP to work to help authentication in wordpress and moodle, with wordpress being the main part and moodle uses LDAP for the authentication (subscription based) and some info for each student from LDAP.

So far I can add entries to LDAP from wordpress, I can login to wordpress using LDAP.

I have got it to work to allow access to moodle when the correct username (uid) and password is found in LDAP but I want to add some info about each student to LDAP, one the country and the other being the city (and later some more).

So far I can add enough information for subscribers (billing address, uid, telephone etc) using the standard schemas and object classes, but I need a little mode info for each.
This is what I have:

dn: dc=MyDomain,dc=com,dc=au
dc: MyDomain
objectClass: domain

dn: o=Subscriptions,dc=MyDomain,dc=com,dc=au
o: Subscriptions
objectClass: organization

dn: ou=moodle,o=Subscriptions,dc=MyDomain,dc=com,dc=au
ou: moodle
objectClass: organizationalUnit

dn: uid=gemma, ou=moodle, o=Subscriptions, dc=MyDomain, dc=com, dc=au
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: inetorgPerson
objectclass: emailPerson
objectclass: NameViewPerson
cn=Gemma Turtle
givenName=Gemma Turtle

I end up with an error "invalid structural object class chain", which I think means the country needs to be higher up the tree, but then I would have to create the tree branches for every country (for each person)?

Subscribers will come from different countries and countless cities (which I haven't added yet) as this is part of the target audience.

I am not sure how to structure this.
Are there any ldif file around I can have a look that deal with subscriptions like this?