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Re: DN matching rules

Chris Card wrote:


I see that openldap supports a number of matching rules for DNs,
e.g. dnOneLevelMatch, dnSubtreeMatch, dnSubordinateMatch and

Please can someone point me to documentation about these matching
rules? (Google doesn't seem to bring up much useful).

RFC 4517, section 4.
Thanks, but I don't see anything about these matching rules in
Rfc4517 section 4.

Substring assertion is discussed in section 3

I'm not trying to awkward, but I don't see how that relates to my question.

I understand how to use the matching rules syntactically, but
I have not found documentation anywhere that describes how these matching rules work.

I can try out examples and/or read the openldap source code to try and deduce their behaviour, but I'd
prefer to see documentation.

This feature has been present in OpenLDAP since 2004.


Nobody has asked for docs thus far, because everybody recognizes that subtree/onelevel/subordinate are the same as the corresponding LDAP search scopes, and their behavior is already specified.

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