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Re: last login time

--On Thursday, November 15, 2012 3:50 PM -0500 Jignesh Patel <jignesh@icare.com> wrote:


My comment inline.

e) If you feel you require having actual support, I would advise you
have a support contract with Symas (http://www.symas.com), and use their
builds of OpenLDAP.

Please give me rough idea for pricing for support? And does that mean we
to download a version for Symas? Shouldn't there be open sourced version
Redhat from openLDAP community?

Please learn how to properly comment inline, what you did made it extremely difficult to find what you were asking.

a) I don't work for Symas, so I can't say what their support pricing would be. You would need to contact them, which is why I provided you the link to their website.

b) Yes, you would use a build of OpenLDAP provided by Symas, since that is what they are supporting.

c) The OpenLDAP foundation does not provide builds of OpenLDAP for any operating system. It provides the source. In general, there is nothing "special" about the generated binaries that tie them to a particular OS, so the concept of a "supported RedHat" build is nonsensical.

Hope that helps,


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