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Re: Problem in sync-repling multiple databases

--On Friday, November 02, 2012 8:52 AM +0100 Marco Pizzoli <marco.pizzoli@gmail.com> wrote:

With your answers, do I have to assume that with OL2.4.x you never faced
a problem syncrepl-ing a tree composed by multiple db's, testing both
scenariosÂ(more or less) similar to theÂtwo I presented from a (very)

I don't use multiple databases in a server. I root at "", and host all data in that single DB. Much simpler.

Because you aren't able to provide configurations, even apparently, a sample configuration, of what you are trying to do for the provider and replica, I really can't comment on why you are facing issues. As far as I know, replication with multiple databases between a provider and a replicas works fine. Certainly people using the list have been able to do that.



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