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Re: max. numbers of subordinate databases

Dieter KlÃnter wrote:
I have a strange requirement to setup a Server with as much as possible
subordinate databases. In a test environment I could create any number
of databases, but a one level search presents the results of  27
databases and after this an internal error is reported.
(thread_pool_setkey failed err (12)) I did this tests with back-hdb and
Is there any way to increase the number of subordinate databases?

There is no limit on the number of subordinate databases. (You could, e.g., define 10000 back-ldap instances if you really wanted to. Probably, if you actually wanted to do this, you're doing something wrong...)

Your error is due to hitting a limit on the number of thread-specific keys defined in libldap_r, which is arbitrarily defined as 32. Change tpool.c MAXKEYS to whatever number you need it to be. Note that increasing this number will also consume more memory in each thread's local stack; setting this to thousands would probably be a bad idea.

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