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Re: OpenLDAP - how to correct invalid cn values

29.10.2012 14:59, Whiteman, Craig ÐÐÑÐÑ:
> # James + Bond, people, mi6.gov.uk
> dn: cn=James+sn=Bond,ou=people,dc=mi6,dc=gov,dc=uk
> sn: Bond
> givenName: James
> cn:: U3RldmUg
> gecos:: U3RldmUg
> As you can see, the *cn:* and *gecos:* have the invalid values - they
> should be *James Bond*.
> How can I correct the invalid values in the LDAP database?
That is rather strange bug (perhaps mental one), because there is no
"James", not a "Bond" but there is a "Steve", hm...
echo U3RldmUg|base64 -d
May I look at the entire database? :)

Actually cn and gecos have correct values, but encoded.
Roman Rybalko