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Problem in sync-repling multiple databases

Hi all,
I'm using OL 2.4.33 and I'm trying to replicate a tree to an instace of OL 2.4.33 composed by multiple databases.
My tree is something as this:
- basedn
   - ou=ou1
   - ou=ou2
   - ou=ou3
If I have all my subtrees, on the master, served by a single db... then I can syncrepl to the consumer without problems.
If my master is composed  by separate databases (ou1, ou2, etc.. are all distinct databases), then the replica stops after completing the first one of them.
So to recap:
- single database to multiple database --> ok
- multiple database to multiple database --> ko
Is it a known problem?
I read that it was as of OL 2.3, but also that it was fixed in OL2.4.
My logs present no indication of any kind of problem, even at debug level.
If I try to configure a second replica configration targeted directly to (in example) to ou=ou3, then that ou get replicated.
Any help/advice is welcome.
Thanks in advance as usual