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[PATCH] ctrl & exop for PHP 5.3


Quite some time ago, Pierangelo Masarati wrote a patch to brind ctrl and 
exop support to PHP. Unfortunately the patch was never checked in upstream
and broke with PHP 5.3

I trieed to upgrade the patch for PHP 5.3 support. Here is my first attempt,
which builds on PHP 5.3.17:

I successfully tested ldap_exop_passwd, ldap_exop_whoami, and ldap_refresh.

Everything else  was not tested and is broken without any doubt 
(zend_parse_parameters 3rd argument is wrong, it should probably be Z
more often). 

Feel free to help, either by fixing the remaining bits, or by providing
a test case for the broken parts (I never used controls and therefore I 
am not going to do it). 

Emmanuel Dreyfus