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Re: mdb_stat question

16.10.2012 21:19, Frank Swasey ÐÐÑÐÑ:
> Today at 4:42am, Howard Chu wrote:
>> Huh? I'm wondering what you're looking for when you run mdb_stat. What
>> did you expect to see?
> I guess I was expecting to see something more like the output of
> db_stat, which I ran looking for deadlocks and evidence that any limits
> were starting to be hit so I should tweak the DB_CONFIG file and restart.
> Since mdb doesn't have any of those issues, then I guess I'm just really
> looking for guidance about the use of mdb_stat and what I should be
> monitoring to be sure that I'm not on the brink of something breaking.
> Perhaps I have read the existing documentation too quickly.  However, so
> far, I don't think I've found any guidance about how to monitor the
> back_mdb to stay on top of possible issues.
Actually get current storage area usage would be nice.
Sorting out "MDB_MAP_FULL: Environment mapsize limit reached" errors is
not a good choice.

Roman Rybalko