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slaptest fails to covnert overlay syncproc?

Openldap experts?


I am trying to convert a slapd.conf file to cn=config version on Redhat 6.3 running openldap 2.4.23-26.


when I do the following to convert the slapd.conf file to the cn=config version, I get the following error:


[root@ldap openldap]# slaptest -f slapd.conf -F slapd.d

overlay "syncprov" not found

slaptest: bad configuration directory!


I am not loading any modules in slapd.conf as the old Centos 5 version did not require that I load any syncprov modules for syncprov to work. I think I read that it was statically included it in the binary.  It always worked without the module call anyways.   Do I now need to add in a line for the syncprov module in the slapd.conf file in order to get slaptest to view and convert the overlay of syncprov with the redhat 6 version of openldap? Note: Here are the following lines for synprov in my slapd.conf file:


overlay syncprov

syncprov-checkpoint 100 10

syncprov-sessionlog 100

limits dn.exact="cn=xxxx,dc=site,dc=edu" size=unlimited time=unlimited


Or is there some other issue I might be missing?


Tim Tyler

Network Engineer

Beloit College