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Re: Openldap Synchronization Issue

--On Friday, October 05, 2012 7:01 PM -0300 Victor Silva <vfbsilva@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello folks, I have an ldap base running in 2 machines in a master/slave
design. I've tried to do a db2ldiff but as I'm using virtual machines it
took a very long time and I aborted the process with crtl C.

Since them my bases no longer sync. I have the following erros logs:

[05/Oct/2012:17:44:22 -0300] - 389-Directory/ B2011.244.2040
starting up

I would suggest you contact the correct support list. You are using the 389 directory server from Red Hat. That is not OpenLDAP, which is what this list is for.



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