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Re: Problem converting slapd.conf to cn=config format

--On Wednesday, October 03, 2012 11:42 PM +0200 Patrick Lists <openldap-list@puzzled.xs4all.nl> wrote:

On 10/03/2012 11:31 PM, Michael StrÃder wrote:
Patrick Lists wrote:
New to the list and (Open)LDAP so apologies if I'm missing the obvious.
I've gone through the Admin Guide and some other docs I found online
but I still have problems converting a slapd.conf to the cn=config
format on a CentOS 6.3 x86_64 box with openldap-2.4.23-26.el6_3.2

There have been numerous fixes since 2.4.23 to the config conversion.
Please re-test with a recent OpenLDAP version.

Thank you for your quick reply. You are the 2nd person recommending I
upgrade so I'll give 2.4.32 a try.

OT: I wonder how users of Red Hat RHEL handle this as it's not very
common to roll your own because iirc Red Hat will only support their own

A lot do, because using RH's package is untenable, given the how vastly out of date they are.

I will note pre-built packages are already available at <http://ltb-project.org/wiki/download#openldap>



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