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Re: RE24 testing call #1 (OpenLDAP 2.4.33)

--On Wednesday, October 03, 2012 6:33 AM +0200 devzero2000 <pinto.elia@gmail.com> wrote:

No problem in helping in doing this, but i have just a curiosity.
Really a project as openldap doesn't have an automated buildboot
environment running on a checked out vcs these days with 6/7
buildslave (or more) ?

People compile OpenLDAP with a wide variety of options. Check out ./configure --help sometime. People link OpenLDAP to differing versions of underlying software, or different software entirely (say openssl vs gnutls vs moznss for example). People do all of these things on a wide variety of OSes (Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux of various sorts, OSX, Android, Windows, etc). People use a variety of different compilers. People use different optimization levels with those compilers. It is not uncommon for other people's builds to turn up issues that our own internal builds and test suite runs do not. For example, after this testing call was sent out, someone reported an issue with test039, that I never hit even after running test039 in a 100 iteration loop.



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