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Suggestion about slapd.conf

Hi there
I't been long time since I did not administer LDAP, now I have the
need to do it again cuz a new proyect , reading the docs I found that
lots of interesting
things were included and some will be deprecated as for example
slapd.conf, I need to apply some ACL, I'm familliar with the old
slapd.conf style, but the
documentation says slapd.conf will be deprecated sooner latter.

My doubt is that it will be deprecated for the core LDAP configuration
or if something will be still possible to do through it, reading the
documentation ( 2.4 ) I see
examples regarding the old style and do not know if that's for
compatibility or not. Still I do not get familiar with the oclAccess
and the new cn=something structure.

Thanks for your time and support
Best Regards