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ldapsearch stalling when performing searches with a large number of results


I've been finding that ldapsearch will freeze when performing searches with a large (typically >10,000) number of results.
As far as I can tell this does not appear to be related to server load as according to iostat and top the servers don't appear to be stressed
and the servers continue to respond to incoming requests.

I'm running OpenLDAP 2.4.30 with BDB 4.8.30 in multi-master mode with syncrepl if this makes any difference. I have tried upgrading to 2.4.32 but 
this appears to be exhibiting the same behaviour.

In terms of the size of the database I've got about 300,000 entries and my bdb database files are currently taking up 5.6G.
The servers themselves are 4xquad-cores with 24GB RAM.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour or should I file an ITS?

Mark R Cairney
ITI UNIX Section
Information Services

Tel: 0131 650 6565
Email: Mark.Cairney@ed.ac.uk


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