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Re: Error, ldap_start_tls failed (-11)

Le 16/09/2012 08:48, arun.sasi1@wipro.com a écrit :
for 636
Sep 16 10:47:26 ae0043app05 slapd[10982]: slap_client_connect: URI=ldap://gb0135embldap01.emb.slb.com:636 Error, ldap_start_tls failed (-1)
Sep 16 10:47:26 ae0043app05 slapd[10982]: do_syncrepl: rid=365 rc -1 retrying
Using plain ldap protocol on port 636 is bound to fail: either use ldaps on this port, or plain ldap on port 389 with start_tls.

for 389
Sep 16 10:31:42 ae0043app05 slapd[10282]: slap_client_connect: URI=ldap://gb0135embldap01.emb.slb.com:389 Error, ldap_start_tls failed (-11)

I dont know how to check TLS manually... could you please help me...
ldapsearch -H ldaps://your.server.tld -d 1

BTW, your problem seems to be a generic SSL issue, likely to comes from your server certificate.
BOFH excuse #87:

Password is too complex to decrypt