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Re: Error, ldap_start_tls failed (-11)

Le 13/09/2012 14:16, arun.sasi1@wipro.com a écrit :
Hello Team,

I have an issue with OpenLDAP TLS based replication

Getting below error
slap_client_connect: URI=ldap://gb0135embldap01.emb.slb.com Error,
ldap_start_tls failed (-11)
Sep 13 16:13:34 ae0043app05 slapd[2582]: do_syncrepl: rid=365 rc -11

I have openLDAP in Ubuntu 9.04 version 2.4.19 then I thought to updgrade
it and first I upgraded on my consumer openldap server which I migrated
to Ubuntu 12.04 and version 2.4.28.

I have created the certificate for my consumer from existing server. but
when I go for TLS based replication, the database is not syncing and it
is synching when remove starttls=no
What does the master log say, and did you try a manual connection with the same credentials from the slave to the master, using TLS ?

BOFH excuse #166: