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Re: ACL entry creation restricted to objectClass

>> is it possible to restrict the creation of an entry to a specific
>> objectClass? If so, any hint or assistance would be very welcome.
>> Thank you very much!
>> Background information follows here:
>> The attrs "@person" within the following acl statement seems to have no
>> effect (during creation). It seems to me attrs=entry already is granting
>> access to "all values" (of all kind of attributes?):

>@<objectClass name> is a shortcut for "all attributes required/allowed by
>objectClass 'name'".  In order to restrict access to specific values of
>the objectClass attribute you need to use the form

>access to attrs=objectClass val=person


Many thanks for your answer.

hmmm, so my usage of @<objectClass name> sound correct to me. Please have a look into my original example: I wanted to restrict newly created entry to be of class "person" only. Thus I restricted the attrs using @person, in the hope that account-specific attributes (uid, serialNumber) are denied.

Nevertheless, the logs show that an account entry is created.

The sample acl statement works as intended in case of a modify-operation (ldapmodify'ing a single attribute of an existsing entry). During creation the attr=entry seems to overwrite the oc-specific restriction or slapd cannot differ between differen objectclasses and/or attributes during entry creation (ldapadd)?

If I'm wrong, could you please give me a short example acl set that denies the creation of account but grants creation of person entries?

Thanks again!