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Re: LDAP Administration

Le 06/09/2012 13:58, Brian Green a écrit :

I have recently taken over a bunch of systems controlled by an LDAP
database - however, the previous admin. didn't add me to the needed
group so that I can fully administer the LDAP directory.

Is there a way I can force LDAP to add me to this group?  I have root
access to the Linux server where the OpenLDAP system is hosted, if that
helps.  I've tried changing the .acl documents - that didn't seem to
work to allow me to add myself to that group.  This is a production
system, so taking it down for a long period of time, or messing it up,
would be bad.
Quick recovery procedure:
- edit slapd.conf to add a rootdn and a rootpw of your choice
- restart slapd
- commit your changes using rootdn
- revert slapd.conf to original version
- restart slapd

You can even keep something like this permanently in your configuration file to make it clear:

# only use rootdn in case of emergency
rootdn cn=root,dc=suffix,dc=tld
#rootpw root

BOFH excuse #14:

sounds like a Windows problem, try calling Microsoft support