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Slaving from Mirror Mode

Dear Folks,

I am having trouble understanding
http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/dual_dc.png.  In particular, I do
not understand the exact meaning of the bidirectional arrows, and the
purpose of the upper pair of load balancers.

1, Are the upper load balancers there to chain writes to both mirror
   mode masters?

2. Are the "replica pool" configured to replicate from both masters or
   only from one?

I am setting up mirror mode masters both in the same data centre, with
one slave offsite.  Should all the slaves slave from both masters, or
should they slave from a load balancer which decides which master is
getting the writes at present?

Although our slaves are busy, surviving network issues with data
consistent and correct is very important.  Network outages and strange
disconnects are the rule without automated configuration management
for network devices.
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