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OpenLDAP server V2.4 & OpenLDAP clients V2.3

We have a situation where all the LDAP client OS runs with RHEL V5.7 and LDAP Server should be in master-master configuration. We can’t have the OpenLDAP servers at RHEL V5.7 as multi master configuration is introduced only from RHEL V6 (OpenLDAP V2.4 support).


To achieve this we decided to have OpenLDAP Servers running with RHEL V6 and have master-master configuration, retain the clients with RHEL 5.7 (OpenLDAP V2.3).


Do you foresee any issue in having OpenLDAP servers with V2.4 and Clients with V2.3? Accordingly, We will be starting the pilot test this week to see is there any issue.