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Re: In MirrorMode - proxy or external frontend needed?

On 10/07/12 15:11 +0200, Pieter Baele wrote:

On Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 12:33 AM, Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

   The virtue of using MirrorMode is that you know for certain that you will
   never have an unresolvable data inconsistency due to conflicting writes
   being applied at two different masters at once.

Perfect. I don't want inconsistent data :-)

Any recommendation for the frontend? HAProxy, dedicated Load
balancers, Pound or OpenLDAP Proxy?

The discussion on this topic has been quiet.

I am looking at using a pair of Linux virtual servers (LVS) using
keepalived, having only one machine in the VIP (virtual IP), and the
other master being a "sorry server", so that there is one machine that
is preferred.

We write to our LDAP masters using some middleware we have written,
and I am looking at either making the VIP one for the middleware, or
making it a VIP for LDAP, with the middleware writing to the VIP, and
possibly having slaves slaving off the VIP, so the health checkers are
either checking the LDAP or checking the middleware.

At the moment, I am leaning towards making the middleware the VIP, and
having the slaves slave from both masters; though I need to do some
more experiments.

I would be glad to hear of the results of your work.
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